The Art of technology: "Behind every chip stands a human being"
I was a scientist (OK, maybe more like a lab assistant) for 10 days

Operating instructions: A haiku of gratitude

Just another summer day in the Vienna Woods

* * *

For best results: Keep
Brain in cool, cozy dwelling
Cherished friends nearby

* * *

It often happens that my most intense periods of work are during the hottest times. And so it was this year as well. The past month and a half have been at times brutally hot in Vienna. My un-airconditioned apartment has regularly reached 30 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, my dear neighbors allowed me to work in their comfortable basement apartment. The result is my latest piece in Nautilus magazine, about the longstanding debate over where color categories come from. Have you ever wondered whether blue is the same in every language? If so, this story is for you. The haiku above, on the other hand, is for my neighbors. Thanks for everything!


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