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The Thermokarst revisited

Almost exactly a year ago, I got caught in a thermokarst. In honor of that awesome adventure, I finally finished my video of it. As I watch it now, my main emotion is guilt -- for having used up so much of Mike Gooseff's time and energy, and for getting him so muddy. He was planning to overnight at the research site for several days. He was really good-natured about it, as you can see.


As I was uploading this video, I came across another uploaded by Sarah Godsey (who is also in my video). It shows thermokarst slumping over the course of last summer. I'm pretty sure it's the same site. In any case, it's very cool, and I know that it's the result of a lot of work.


To learn more about thermokarsts, why not revisit my Scientific American blog post from last summer?


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