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P1000916 This year, I wrote a lot about the fellowships that I went on. I was so impressed by my fellow fellows that I want to dedicate a blog post to some of the great work that they did.

From Alaska:

Gretchen Weber of KQED in California put together this excellent story on thermokarsts (you might remember my close encounter with one).

For those who read German (and are willing to spend 2 Euros), Julia Gross wrote a long piece on thermokarsts in the FAZ, the New York Times of Germany. The photo above is of Julia and me in Munich in September (extra points to those who know that Oktoberfest is actually in September).

Susan Moran is continuing her fellowship in Antarctica. Her blog about it is funny and informative.

Ben Shaw's Ode to Eriophorum Vaginatum is not so much a work of journalism as a work of art. It's about my favorite plant.

From Germany:

Also in the FAZ, the amazing Krista Kapralos' piece on illegally home-schooled children in Germany. She also wrote a version for an American audience.

German fellow Christian Salewski worked on a ProPublica investigation into the Florida defective drywall scandal.

Dalia Fahmy wrote a nice story about the rise of high-end real estate in Berlin (heaven forfend!).

Aaron Wiener wrote on the politics of nuclear energy for Foreign Policy.

This is just a sampling: I have left out quite a lot, and I may add later as I learn more of my colleagues' accomplishments. My own writing will be up under the "Writing" and "Audio" sections of this website.


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