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Aufeis I'm now in Bonn, Germany, where I'm temporarily working as a Burns Fellow at Deutsche Welle English. The weather here has been absolutely dismal -- rain nearly every day, accompanied by pathetically low temperatures for August. It has caused me to remember how lucky I was to have amazing weather during another, not-so-long ago fellowship at Toolik Field Station in Alaska. The clear days meant that the Brooks Range was ever-present, as in the photo at left over the "aufeis."

That in turn has caused me to remember that I should put a round-up of the stories I wrote from that fellowship here. So here we go:

Summer Science Stories: Life at a remote research station at Under the Microscope will give you the juicy details of where we slept, what we ate, and how we, um, did our business.

The big news from Toolik this summer (you heard it here first!): For Global Warming, Tundra Fires' Effects May Be Skin Deep in ScienceNOW.


For ScienceCareers' Blog, a blog post ("Partnering with non-scientists: It's not all or nothing") about a heartwarming story featuring a scientist and a local Alaskan man.

For Scientific American's Expedition's Blog, four posts about my adventures in Alaskan science, including my close encounter with a thermokarst and my infatuation with a lowly Arctic plant.

Science Update 60-second show and a longer podcast (links directly to mp3): "Arctic Greyling," about some fish threatened by global warming (photo of the charming Heidi Golden in the field at left).

Science Update 60-second show and a longer podcast (links directly to mp3): "Bacterial Goldilocks," about some bacteria that find thawed permafrost "just right."

Science Update 60-second show: "NEON Ecological Network," about an NSF project that you may soon hear a lot more about.

By the way, I may be getting too influenced by the German language, but I think there should be a word for the nostalgia one feels for a past trip to Alaska. Hence the title of this post. Anyone care to offer something better?


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